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Viagra in Sydney over the counter: is it available now?

Viagra is the world’s leading erectile dysfunction medication. It was created originally as a drug designed to help patient’s with heart and blood pressure issues. During clinical trials measuring the drug’s effectiveness at managing blood pressure, it was revealed that the drug has the side effect of inducing erections in male patients. Viagra works in oral form. It is available in varying MG sizes and as a pill, and the strength of the formulation that you should use is something that must be determined by a doctor. Currently, Viagra is only available as a prescription medication and must be obtained from a pharmacy.

Viagra in Sydney

Viagra in Sydney

Viagra price

The price of Viagra in the AUD market can have a great deal of variance dependent on a number of factors. For example, a patient that has outstanding medical insurance can obtain Viagra for as low as 1 AUD per tablet. This price can increase by a few AUD depending on the formulation strength of the particular Viagra that you are prescribed. It is important to note that you may experience some side effects associated with the use of Viagra. While most of these side effects are considered relatively tame, there are some instances of more serious side effects arising and causing significant medical harm in the patient.

Viagra: common side effects

Some of the most common side effects are slight nausea, queasy stomach, dizziness, and having a slight metallic taste present in the mouth. Some of the more significant and serious side effects associated with use include fainting, and experiencing an erection that lasts in duration for longer than 4 hours. The experience of having a massive erection that persists and lasts for longer than four hours is a problem because it causes an uneven distribution of blood flow to reach the genitals. This prolonged blood flow to the genital region can cause numbness, tingling, and some gentleman have even reported fainting as a result of the condition. The fact is that if you experience an erection that lasts longer than four hours it is considered a medical emergency. Therefore you must contact your doctor or local hospital without further ado. To delay the decision to contact a medical professional could result in the profound and tremendous disaster of losing feeling in your genitals. This condition can be irreversible.

More issues

There are some other issues that are currently present with the Viagra medication. One of the greatest dangers facing consumers of the Viagra medication is that there are many phony pills out there. Because the cost of Viagra can be very high if you do not have good insurance, some people are tempted to turn to the market in order to obtain a cheaper version. As a result, in can be quite dangerous to consume Viagra that does not come directly from a pharmacy. There are some reported cases of deaths happening because people consumed what they thought to be Viagra but in reality they had consumed a binder that contained trace dangerous elements. Always consult your doctor before consuming Viagra or any medication. Always inform your doctor about any medications that you take in addition to Viagra as there is always a risk for a bad interaction.